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Some Samsung S8 & S8 Plus Problems with possible solutions.


Months ago, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ of Samsung were released. The company is banking on its new flagship to help it turn its fortunes around, but like a lot of new smart devices S8 and S8 Plus has some issues.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Lighting not working

There seem to be various issues surrounding the Edge Lighting not working.  In theory, Edge Lightning should light up the edge of the screen when a message or call is received. You should also be able to color code up to five contacts. Many users have reported that the edge lightning doesn’t work with any app or call, and that it’s not possible to assign colors to contacts. While many seem to think that this might have been a single carrier issue, users across the carrier spectrum have corroborated similar issues.  It seems like there could also be an issue that edge lightning only works with the Samsung Messaging app and not the one that your carrier provides – though this is still unconfirmed.

The first solution would be to go to Settings App > Display > Edge screen, then tap and hold down on “Edge Lighting” (set it to “Always on”) and then press on “Manage notifications.” The notifications are turned off by default, you will turn it on manually.

Another issue that users have reported is that Edge Lighting works when the display is turned on, but refuses to work when it’s turned off.

A possible solution we know here is to simply switch off the “keep screen turned off” in the display settings. To do this go into the Settings App > Display and then scroll down to “Keep screen turned off” and toggle it off.

This doesn’t seem to fix the issue for everyone and, according to the Samsung forum, the company is currently looking into this issue. (Let’s just wait for their permanent solutions.)

A useful reminder is that for the Edge Lighting feature to work, your phone needs to be laying face down on the surface.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting

The Wifi issue has been acknowledged by Samsung / various carries, and a patch is in progress. If you own an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8, you will receive the patch directly from Samsung. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for your carrier to push out the patch for the Wifi problem.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 bluetooth connection issues

Samsung has acknowledged the bluetooth issues with the S8 and S8+ and had rolled out a patch in the United Arab Emirates first (most likely as a test) and is now planning on rolling out the bluetooth fix globally. If you have an unlocked device, you will receive the OTA directly from samsung, while branded devices will get the fix through their carriers. (Just wait for the patch.)


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 face detection not working

Both Galaxy S8 and S8+ users have reported that after receiving an update in late April, the face detection has stopped working. Regardless how often a face is registered, the face detection refuses to work. The usual recommendations were made – clearing cache, rebooting, and making sure that all apps are up to date, though none of them had fixed the issue.

Samsung hasn’t made any statements regarding the broken face detection, but it clearly seems to be a software issue.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner working

    A temporary fix to this seems to be performing a simple reboot, though it’s been reported that the issue of the fingerprint scanner not working comes up again. Users in the Samsung forum have stated that they spoke to Samsung support who said this was a software, rather than a hardware issue which should be fixed in an upcoming update.

  • Samsung Pay freezing phone

Samsung Pay apparently has a bug which causes it to freeze up your phone. This issue seems to mostly occur when you try to “swipe to unlock” the display, and Samsung Pay then attempts to show your “preferred card.” This then causes the phone to freeze up between both actions. Either your are then forced to wait until the phone figures out what it wants to do, or soft reset it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Samsung Pay doesn’t fix this issue. The root of the problem seems to be that Samsung Pay incorrectly registers the swipe to unlock gesture, which then causes the mix up. Several users in the Samsung forum reported that removing/not having the favorite card selected seems to fix the issues, though it limited the usefulness of the Samsung Pay app.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 infinity wallpaper not working

Go into Settings Apps> Lock screen and security and then tap on the “Always on” display. You’ll need to select the clock format that you want, which then brings you into a new menu where you can change the clock style, color and background. Tap on “Background” and make sure to select “None.” This should enable the infinity wallpaper to work on all your display settings.

  • Text message sound notification not working on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Are you not receiving sound notifications when you get a text message? The easiest solution is as follows:

Go to Settings Apps > Apps > Messages > Notifications and then make sure that this is set to “Allowed.” None of the other notification settings work if this isn’t set properly. If this does not fix the issue, make sure to backup your data and perform a hard reset.



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