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ONE PLUS 3T – Convert System from OFFICIAL to BETA ( Stock Recovery )

What is BETA? .. BETA is the “testing phase” after the developer-only release “ALPHA” ( The first release ).. there are 2 types of BETA stage, closed BETA and open BETA.
How to move from OFFICIAL and be a BETA Tester: For the avid and detailed readers, you can find the usual and other steps here at the link:
-> Just follow the instructions in the download link
(you might need a PC in the guide at the site)
For more simplified steps and the easiest way, follow this:
Important: This is only for STOCK Recovery (Again for STOCK RECOVERY ONLY).. to see if you have stock recovery, turn off your ONE PLUS 3T, PRESS THEN HOLD Power Button + Volume DOWN .. you will go to either your stock recovery (you will see language selection menu), just exit from there.
Here’s the STEPS so please follow it carefully.
1. Download the latest BETA ROM at the site (up to 1.4x GB in size)
2. Using file manager or even ES FILE EXPLORER, go to your download folder and cut the Zip file then paste it in the root of your storage. (No Folders)
3. Go to Settings App -> Go System Updates -> Upper Right Gear Icon -> then click Local Upgrade.
4. There you can see the ZIP File you’ve just downloaded if you paste in the correct section.
5. Tap it and then proceed with the update. Your phone will restart to the Recovery Menu.
PS:  Make sure you have enough battery, to avoid battery drain during the update and corrupting your system. It is better if your phone is fully charged.
6. Wait for the update to finish and your phone will restart at the logo.
7. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes until the phone boots into the home screen.
8. Done.
9. If you will experience some bugs, you need to do a factory reset your device from the settings menu (apps and settings will reset), but in MOST cases, it’s NOT needed.


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