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Samsung Abandons “Display integrated fingerprint recognition” on their next Galaxy Note 8

Samsung the second half of strategies smartphone Galaxy Note 8 ‘mounted’ display integrated fingerprint sensor ‘plans expected to be collected to be mounted again in the vesicles again. It is the second failure after the Galaxy S8 in the first half of the year. Apple’s biggest competitor, Apple, has succeeded in implementing this technology for the first time on the iPhone 8.
A Samsung Electronics official said on August 8, “We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security.” Samsung Electronics will continue research and development with companies such as CrucialTech, which owns the technology.
Display-integrated fingerprint recognition, which Samsung has failed a few times a year, is a technology that incorporates a transparent fingerprint sensor under the display. When you put your finger on a specific part of the display, you can recognize the fingerprint and release the lock screen or make a payment.
Currently, all smartphone makers such as Samsung Electronics, Apple and LG Electronics are equipped with separate fingerprint recognition buttons on the front or back of the smartphone. When integrated fingerprint recognition is enabled, there is no need for a separate fingerprint recognition button, which can smooth the design of the front and back of the smartphone.
In recent years, It is necessary to make compromises of the fingerprint sensor of the home button which disappears while being manufactured. That’s why manufacturers like Samsung Electronics and Apple are forced to stick to that technology.
Since designing the full-screen Galaxy S8 launched in April, Samsung Electronics has been promoting the integration of a display-integrated fingerprint sensor. However, technologically incomplete, Samsung Electronics abandoned the technology at that time. In the end, Samsung has installed a fingerprint recognition button on the back of the Galaxy S8, which is getting inconvenient among users.
Apple has had a long time completing the display integrated fingerprint sensor technology, but it has succeeded. Apple built the iPhone 8 in a full-screen design, eliminating the home button and mounting a fingerprint sensor directly on the display.
Until the decision of Samsung Electronics, the industry predicted the competition points of Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 in the second half of this year as fingerprint recognition technology, but Apple succeeded, Samsung failed, and Samsung Electronics eventually became one.
“A technology that implements a display-integrated fingerprint sensor is not really difficult, but there are some issues that Samsung Electronics can not solve,” said an industry expert. “If you can solve simple, but potentially fatal, problems, I can do it. “
The Galaxy Note 8, which will be launched in September, is equipped with a 16-inch (6.3-inch) double-edge full-screen display and Samsung’s first dual-camera lineup. The battery capacity is 3200 milliamps hours ( mAh ), with enhanced AI dispensing and biometrics capabilities.
The Galaxy Note8 is expected to be unveiled this September. The phone could arrive with 6.3inch with Infinity Display and at the back it has dual camera.


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